• pop up class open!!


    Anyone who wants to enjoy the dance with ALiEN can join us.


    Approach to dance with joy

    ALiEN Dance Studio has focused on training younger professional dancers for the last years. For that reason, even though there were lots of people who wanted to learn dance in our studio but we couldn't have enough time to accept them all. That's why we had several seasonal workshops instead from time to time. It's been already 3 years since ALiEN Dance Studio's foundation and we ALiEN invites you to our pop-up class where you can learn dance with those ALiEN professional dancers. Have fun!

    Who can join pop-up class?

    In team class, there are some rules like on age. However, anyone can join pop-up class. Whoever wants to enjoy dance with ALiEN dacers can get in!

  • 11/20 ~ 12/20 test operation

    We are going to start a test operation for a month before officially opening in January 2019.

    Sign up for our official pop-up classes during our test operation and get some special benefits !


    35,000 won for 1 session

    120,000 won for 4 sessions

    220,000 won for 8 sessions

    350,000 won for 16 sessions

    We will give away an ALiEN tumbler for those who sign up during our test operarion!