• pop up class open!!


    Anyone who wants to enjoy the dance with ALiEN can join us.


    Approach to dance with joy

    ALiEN Dance Studio has focused on training younger professional dancers for the last years. For that reason, even though there were lots of people who wanted to learn dance in our studio but we couldn't have enough time to accept them all. That's why we had several seasonal workshops instead from time to time. It's been already 3 years since ALiEN Dance Studio's foundation and we ALiEN invites you to our pop-up class where you can learn dance with those ALiEN professional dancers. Have fun!

    Who can join pop-up class?

    In team class, there are some rules like on age. However, anyone can join pop-up class. Whoever wants to enjoy dance with ALiEN dacers can get in!

  • FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the difference between pop-up class and team class?

    Team class is a systematic curriculum and long-term plan course aimed at those who prepare for auditions, pro-dancers and entranace exams. On the other hand, pop-up class is open to all dance lovers to join and experience.

    Do you have any class arranged by types of dances?

    There will not be any class particularly arranged by dance styles or types in pop-up class. It runs in different kinds of styles of the teachers. Meanwhile, team class is a course that includes a variety of kinds of basics.

    How does the choreography teaching work in pop-up class?

    You will learn new dance moves every Tuesday and ending on Thursday of that week. Then, it will be filmed after every Thursday class.

    How can I take pop-up class?

    Pop-up class is based on pre-puchased point system.Your payment for class will be deducted from your account within the certain period of time

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  • Schedule

    There are no popup classes in May.

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    Choose the amount of point you'd like to buy

    60,000 P

    ₩ 50,000

    130,000 P

    ₩ 100,000

    300,000 P

    ₩ 200,000

    500,000 P

    ₩ 300,000


    Anyone can join us and have the unforgettable experience !


    Anyone can join us!

  • * Points expire one month once they are used.

    * Points can't be transferred to others.

    * If you buy additional points within period, they will be carried foward to the next month.

    * You can pay POP-UP CLASS and Workshop with these points.

    Points Deduction

    · 25,000 Points use for Beginning Class

    · 30,000 Points use for Intermediate Class

    · 35,000 Points use for Advanced Class

    Point Use Examples

    · 60,000p (Actual Pay : ₩50,000 )

    1) 25,000p for Beginning Class X 2 Sessions + Balance 10,000p

    2) 30,000p for Intermediate Class X 2 Sessions

    · 130,000p (Actual Pay :₩100,000 )

    1) Workshop 35,000p X 2 Sessions + 30,000p for Intermediate Class X 2 Sessions

    2) 30,000p for Intermediate Class X 4 Sessions + Balance 10,000p

    · 500,000p (Actual Pay : ₩300,000 )

    1) 25,000p for Beginning Class X 20 Sessions

    2) Workshop 35,000p X 8 Sessions

    + 30,000p for Intermediate Class X 4 Sessions

    + 25,000p for Beginning class X 4 Sessions

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